Simchi Gold

Our business is certified in Gold trading and currently working in a number of countries and connecting with miners and sellers as well as the end market. To know more visit office or call us




Simchi media production

We offer a range of Outdoor Display screens, Tv walls, monitors and home TVs. We also have a wide range of media production equipment which includes but is not limited to devices for sound, video and photo, lighting an post production


Simchi media production

The finest chocolate comes from the finest cocoa beans. Our Cocoa beans are like no other, grown on healthy farms, harvested, stored and packed in the best of standards. We supply to industries and businesses looking to create amazing products or those who want our beans for resale. We have plenty, so don’t be shy to order as much as you can


Simchi Cars

We deal in a wide range of used cars both Left and Right hand drive. It could be just one car or a fleet. Send us an inquiry. Our process is hustle free. We also deal in trucks and buses for companies and institutions like schools, universities and colleges just to mention a few. New cars are also available. Are you looking for the perfect car?


Simchi Furniture and Home Decor

A wide range of office and home furniture. From desks, cabinets, drawers, swivel chairs for open office setup, boardrooms, closed office set up, front office and reception areas to office hardware. We also have office bins, shredders and cleaning materials and chemicals


Simchi construction and house materials

We have various solution in Building materials for mid and large sized projects. Our products fall in these categories: Decoration, Plumbing, Electrical, Office ,HVAC, Hardware, Steel, Paints, Safety & Tools, Security, Interiors. We always ensure that your project is up to speed. Let’s help you get what you need.


Simchi Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts and other dry fruit as well as other farm products remain in demand across the globe. We source our dry fruit from reliable farms across the middle east and Africa. We also supply farm tools, equipment, machines and chemicals for any scale of farming and production. This time we would like to do business with you


Simchi computers and electronics

You will find the best pricing of various electronics with us. We supply both office and large format printers, cartridges, ink toners and paper. We also supply laptop computers, tablets, monitors,, storage drives, other peripheral devices like scanners multimedia speakers, usb drives, sound systems, lighting etc


Simchi Teak Wood

For over a decade we have supplied Teak Wood, from various parts of the world to many destination. Our teak wood comes in various forms depending on your countries regulations. Some of our clients like the raw teak wood and some without the bark. Whatever your preference, we are here to help you get the finest quality of teak wood